Fancy is a new general-purpose programming language inspired by Smalltalk, Ruby, Io and Erlang that runs on the Rubinius VM. It has first-class integration support with Ruby and any Ruby libraries supported by Rubinius, including most C-extensions. Fancy is a dynamic, pure object-oriented, class-based programming language with built-in support for futures and actors. The syntax is easy to learn, consistent and is mostly inspired by Ruby and Smalltalk.
libraries & utilities
fancy-vim Vim mode for Fancy
fancy.tmbundle Textmate bundle for the Fancy Programming Language
fancy-snippets Code snippets for Fancy's emacs-mode using yasnippet
fake Fancy automation & build tool
sinatra.fy Sinatra Web Programming
redis.fy Redis Client Library
msgpack.fy MessagePack serialization/rpc library
hurricane Fancy DSL for Twitter's Storm realtime computation system
fyzmq ZMQ for Fancy
fancy_irc IRC Client Library
ripple.fy Rich modeling layer for Riak, the distributed key-value database